Standard hoses for installation

From long ago "water hoses" boilers removed from the carton.
And separately to provide customers the sales agents placed.

Given that various types of hoses with different qualities are available in the market, Hoses are in the market experiments examined the results of these experiments indicate that other hoses on the market have been low quality
And use it in addition to product malfunction and possible water leak and flooded the place of installation, due to unsanitary tubes used in this type of hose and tube covered by the coated steel lessen consumer health will .
The figure below is based on material non-standard hoses and hose samples provided by the Group butane pass the test drinking water from the inner tube is investigated.


شیلنگ مسلح پکیج

As you can see discoloration and water quality is very tangible in various types of samples collected from the market (non-standard) standard for drinking water pipes (UNE53626 / 2) is not approved.
Given that the health of families is very important from the perspective of Butane Group, hence it is recommended to maintain health and prevent the consequences of possible customers, only the hose provided by the Group Butane is used.