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Butane Company's first, largest and most modern boiler manufacturers in Iran and also the largest manufacturer of boilers in the Middle East.
According to the models and different capacities you can consult with experts and our consultants so that we can choose models according to your needs our help.


ورونا بوتان

 Verona 24 i

Price : 1.526.000 Toman

ورونا بوتان

 Verona 24 RSi

Price : 1.665.000 Toman


Calda Venezia

پکیج بوتان

Calda Venezia 24KI

Price : 1.538.000 T

پکیج بوتان تک مبدل

Calda Venezia 24KIS

Price : 1.643.000 T

پکیج کادا ونزیا

Calda Venezia 28KI

Price : 1.639.000 T


Calda Venezia 28KIS

Price : 1.728.000 T


پکیج بوتان cv


Price : 1.310.000 T


Boilers condensation

پکیج چگالشی

Optima Alta 35C

Price : 4.479.000 T




Perla 24 RSi

Price : 1.665.000 T

پکیج پرلا

Perla 28 RSi

Price : 1.746.000 T

پکیج پرلا

Perla 32 RSi

Price : 2.125.000 T